Self-Adhesive Labels

In Conver we care about the environment, that's why we promote printing
of adhesive labels made with ecological, recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Our challenge is to offer greener adhesive labels that use recycled raw materials
to reduce emissions in the atmosphere and take care of the ecosystem, In addition to reinforcing the authenticity
of the product and improving its image.

Do you know our Policy of quality, safety and environment?


Use water-soluble labels labels and you will be able to recover your wine bottles.
You will be able to remove the ecolabel without leaving any residue when washing it in an alkaline solution.

Benefits from using #ecolabels:

• Reduction of costs reducing the price of used energy.
• Reduction of polluting emissions.
• Reduction of the waste production.
• Reduction of greenhouse gases.

The purpose of this project in which we collaborate with reWine is to reuse during the first year 100.000 out of the 150 million bottles used every year and recover thus this tradition that allows to save on energy and pollution emissions in the environment.

Adhesive features:

The adhesive used allows removing the label without leaving any residue when it is washed in an alkaline solution.

Use and applications

• Designed to be used in the labelling of wine bottles. • It is recommended to use an alkaline solution with 1,5% of bleach • Removing capacity is substantially influenced by the washing temperature (the higher temperature it has, the better washing time it gets), by the kind of paper used, by the kind of printing (line or half tone varnished or laminated) by the storage and by the erosion of the label applied. • Thus, it is essential to analyse the elimination capacity of the printed label.

Parameters in the recovery of bottles

Typical bath temperature: from 60 to 80º C (the higher the temperature the better the results) Soda concentration: 1.2 to 2.5% (the more concentration, the better results

CONVER Autoadhesivos - Ecoetiquetas, Etiquetas Ecológicas


With the adhesive label made with 100% recycled materials, we commit ourselves to reduce the emission of waste and achieve a great saving in the natural resources used.


• 100% recycled material made with post-consumer waste
• Whiteness, brightness and opacity similar to conventional non-recycled paper
• With gloss or matt effect
• Less thick than a conventional 70 grms
• FSC Certification
• Not suitable for buckets
• Conserves natural resources

What do you get?

• A 59% reduction in biological materials (deforestation)
• A reduction in electricity use by 18%
• 16% of waste generated less
• A 31% reduction in water consumption
• A decrease of up to 20% in the emission of greenhouse gases

In CONVER, we use all available tools to integrate the environment into manufacturing processes and the overall management of the company, aspects that are certified by the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and that they are endorsed by the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.


Get a natural and eco-friendly finish with wood labels..

You will get the additional value it deserves transmitting it is a handmade product.


This model of environmentally friendly labels is made of a material 100% made with pure birch wood veneer..
Because of the nature of the raw material used used to produce this label, we can find in the same coil colour and appearance variations.
In addition, wood labels feature an adhesive with a good adhesiveness and permanent bonding and are resistant to water and ice.
Differ from competition with wood adhesive labels and show your company values.


Sugarcane labels are a clean, green, economical and intelligent solution for innovative packaging.


• Made from leftover fibers from the sugarcane process, instead of wood pulp.
• Biodegradable, compostable and recyclable labels.
• Printables for all printing techniques.
• Excellent graphic results.
• Organic and natural appearance.


• Sugarcane is produced in cycles of less than one year. In comparison, trees for paper production generally take 7 to 10 years to reach maturity.
• Reduction of pollution, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
• Respectful with the environment from beginning to end.


Made of paper or film with a fully compostable adhesive.
The paper is cellulose, degrades and is reabsorbed.


Mineral paper, without wood, renewable and recyclable.
Specially designed for labeling of high value-added product and gourmet products packaged in glass (wines, spirits, champagne, champagne, jars, oil, water, etc.).


With ecoPet labels you can separate the front and the adhesive from the container PET during the recycling process. You will get pure PET chips that can be recycle to become rPET food containers.


• Allows the recycling of PET to obtain rPET, conserving a valuable raw material
• Allows freedom of designs for self-adhesive labels
• Available with PP clear ('no label' appearance) and PP White.


• You'll get pure PET chips that can be recycled to become r-PET
• R-PET saves 84% in energy consumption and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 71%
• Promote sustainability

CONVER Autoadhesivos - Ecoetiquetas, Etiquetas Ecológicas




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