Self-adhesive labels

Roll printed self-adhesive labels in up to eight colors plus varnish, embossing, laminating online, on paper faces, and metallized films. Design and prepress service.

CONVER offers a wide range of label materials to meet your labeling needs. These labels are directed to the sectors of food, chemicals, cosmetics, etc.

Product label sticker CONVER can be decisive to stimulate sales of their products. Proper design and an elaborate and correct manufacture of the label, determine the product image.

We offer special self-adhesive label materials for your product and an innovative and attractive technology that creates a strong incentive to buy.

Self-adhesive label roll

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CONVER Autoadhesivos - Etiquetas Autoadhesivas de producto


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CONVER Autoadhesivos - Etiquetas Autoadhesivas de producto
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