Self-adhesive labels

Plastic adhesive labels in roll printed up to eight colors plus varnish, embossing, laminating online, on paper faces, polypropylene, polyethylene, etc.

CONVER has a wide range of labels with plastic films that allow an excellent record. All of them are extremely flexible and suitable for use in packaging. Plastic adhesive labels can be white or transparent, with a top coat with shiny appearance.

Combining these plastics with adhesive front and excellent UV resistance is obtained, so that the label has a good adhesion to nonpolar substrates. The front plastic adhesive is designed to be dispensed at high speed thanks to its high initial tack.

Plastic adhesive labels with frontal polypropylene or polyethylene are ideal for packaging household products, shampoos, soaps, detergents, etc.

Plastic adhesive labels CONVER (polypropylene / polyethylene) are characterized by resistance to moisture, water and fats.

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CONVER Autoadhesivos - Etiquetas Autoadhesivas plásticas


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CONVER Autoadhesivos - Etiquetas Autoadhesivas plásticas
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