Self-adhesive labels

CONVER has a systems division to develop new materials as next-generation applications, transfer plastic materials, holograms, void.

Withart material multi applications:

CONVER Autoadhesivos - Etiquetas Especiales - Sleeve Etiqueta

Self-adhesive labels CONART
The self - adhesive labels Conart of CONVER are supported with or without adhesive ideal for food, industrial labels, tickets , etc ...

· Water resistance, fats and chemicals.
· Tear-resistant and frequent manipulated.
· Durability, resists weathering and UV rays.
· Excellent dimensional stability.
· Suitable for direct food contact.

· Traceability Slaughterhouses
· Cheese
· Ham
· Fish, Seafood
· Poultry, meat
· Resistant temperature +60 C-60
· Tags horticulture

Self-adhesive labels for glass
Adhesive labels prepared to withstand the process requires the glass industry, several washings, dried, brushed, etc. You can make traceability of the process from inception to final installation.

Self - adhesive labels for glass industry (wine, beer, water)

Labels with special adhesives to stick in glass bottles. Withstand direct contact with ice and water without unstuck.

CONVER Autoadhesivos - Etiquetas Especiales - Sleeve Etiqueta

Durables labels
If you work in the market for consumer durables, probably does not need as many autoadhesivas.Pero you do need labels are self-adhesive labels that last as long as the items to which they are attached.

Range of durable adhesive labels is the solution. Pet materials to withstand high temperatures for the automotive industry, electronic, etc.


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CONVER Autoadhesivos - Etiquetas Especiales - Sleeve Etiqueta
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