Self-adhesive labels

Thermal adhesive labels in coil for use in electronic scales supermarket. They may be anonymous or printed up to 8 colors, on unprotected materials, with medium protection or double moisture and fat or oil. These manufacturers approved by scales (Dibal, Epelsa, Mettler Toledo, Digi-Teraoka, Mobba, ...) are considered labels thermal adhesive labels for dispensing in labelers trains Bizerba Epelsa, Dibal, Rusan ....)

CONVER offers a full range of thermal materials for printers and scales both standard and high speed. With the most advanced technology.

thermal adhesive labels to fresh produce short term (in which a minimum durability of the image produced by the thermal layer is required) to the labeling of frozen prepacked products (in which a higher fatty products, wet strength is required ). Adhesives thermal labels are very wide, according to needs and conditions of application of the label.

A selection of permanent adhesives hotmel, removable for freezing or low temperature, some of which have been approved for direct food contact.

Among other apliaciones we highlight them using thermal adhesive labels for fresh products, fruit or bakery sector.

Access Fronts thermal adhesive labels

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CONVER Autoadhesivos - Etiquetas Térmicas

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